Scrambled Tofu

I admit, I’ve been eating a strictly plant-based diet for about 2 years now and I never had a tofu scramble before last week. Nope, never. Yes, I know, tofu and tofu scrambles are basics in plant-based/vegan eating. Finally, living in a big metropolitan area, I now have had the chance to try a tofu scramble prepared by professionals, i.e. – a restaurant. What a pleasant surprise! Delicious! I never realized how I missed the breakfast tradition of scrambled eggs until I tried the tofu scramble.

The above picture (quick iPhone pic before I scarfed it down) was the Classic Vegan Breakfast from the French Meadow in Minneapolis. Classic scrambled tofu, hashbrowns, sprouted toast and vegan sausage. Yes, those sausages are faux, although I was almost fooled into thinking the kitchen had mixed up the plates and put real sausage on mine by accident. I’m not much of a fan of faux meats – I don’t want to eat meat anymore so why eat the fake stuff – but those would pass anyone’s taste tests.

Having tried and approved of the tofu scramble, I desparately wanted to try making my own. Tofu is cheap and filling because of the protein content, and now I had a new breakfast item to attempt.

First up, some diced veggies. Red and green bell pepper, red onion and mushrooms.

Saute until softened. I used coconut oil, or you could water/broth saute.

Add the tofu. I drained a block of tofu, dropped it in the pan and broke it up with a spatula like I was breaking up ground beef for tacos or meat sauce. The tofu was very easy to break down. As it cooked and I kept stirring, it crumbled even more. Cook the tofu for about 10 minutes or until most of the water content as cooked out.

Then add in your spices. Mix into approximately 2 Tbsp water: 1/2 tsp of turmeric, garlic powder and other spices. I loosely followed Post Punk Kitchen’s tofu scramble recipe and used cumin and thyme for a slight southwest flavoring. Pour over scramble along with 3 Tbsp of nutritional yeast and stir. Cook the water out (a few more minutes) and serve. Delicious! (***Note, the turmeric adds the yellow color, can stain easily and might cause your urine to be neon yellow, fyi. Turmeric has great health benefits so don’t leave it out unless you must.)

I served mine up with some hashbrowns. Who doesn’t love hashbrowns? Although I can never make mine restaurant quality simply because I refuse to use that much oil. Hence, hashbrowns are my favorite eat out breakfast item. Fortunately we do not eat out very often!
The tofu scramble recipe with one 14-16 oz tub of tofu makes a lot of scramble. I had a huge portion and still had plenty of leftovers for a couple more breakfasts. It reheats well and would make great breakfast wraps, or just more scramble with your choice of side. I added in some kale to the scramble and that was quite tasty too.

This tofu scramble is here to stay!

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